The donors with whom partnership agreements have been concluded are:


    • World Health Organization WHO
    • United Nations Population Fund UNFPA (Strategic Partnership)
    • United Nations Development Program UNDP
    • International Rescue Committee IRC
    • United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF
    • UNHCR
    • USAID Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
    • World Food Program WFP
    • Relief International RI
    • German Malteser Organization
    • The Humanitarian Fund for Iraq of the Office of Humanitarian Affairs in Iraq IHPF
    • Islamic Development Bank Group IsDB.
    • The Republic of Bulgaria.
    • Japan
    • Republic of Taiwan
    • Republic of South Korea

    As well as the campaigns of the brotherly State of Kuwait represented in:

    • Kuwait Relief Society
    • Kuwait Red Crescent
    • International Islamic Charitable Organization
    • Kuwaiti Zakat House
    • The General Secretariat of Endowments and others.


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